Holy Crap! I Found A PSN Code Generator That Actually Works!

UPDATED May 14th 2017

I know that you guys have spend hours upon hours online looking for a working PSN code generator but can never find one that actually adds money to your PSN account.

I was in your shoes just a few weeks back as well, but one thing changed…

You see, I was on a private forum and someone posted a thread outlining a Sony backdoor loophole which allows you to get free PSN codes on demand. He initially wanted to keep it as a private generator, but was generous enough to allow me to share it on my website.

I didn’t believe it at first, but here is what I saw when I used the hack:

PSN code generator


As you can see in the picture, a 25 euro gift card was added to my account instantly!

My jaw dropped when I saw this…

After weeks of searching, I was now able to get all the free playstation games and DLC’s that I wanted.

I also understand that many people could use this generator as well so I have decided to share it with all of you guys!


In fact, I made a quick video to show you guys how the psn code generator works and to give you a quick tutorial.


PSN Code Generator

Raw Link: http://www.hacksboss.com/psncodes/


  1. Click on “Get Access Now!” above
  2. Enter your PSN Username
  3. Select “yes” for proxies
  4. Check “enable encryption antiban”
  5. Click on “connect”
  6. Wait for our servers to establish a secure connection
  7. Once a connection is established, select the gift card amount
  8. Click on “start generator”
  9. If our servers are overloaded, there may be an extra human verification step to ensure bots are not using this hack. Simple just enter your email and the generator should unlock
  10. Wait 24 hours for the funds to be added to your account

PSN Code Generator Review – Does It Actually Work?

Ease of use – 5 Stars

Overall, this psn code hack is very easy and straightforward to use. All the instructions are laid out clearly and you will not have any issues using it.

Appearance – 4 Stars

The appearance of this hack is not the most attractive that we have seen, but it is not ugly by any means. What matters most is that it is effective and does exactly as promised

Effectiveness – 5 stars

This hack was able to add $50.00 to my PSN account within a few hours of using it. I have used many different hacks int he past and this is the only one that actually works

Overall – 4.33 Stars

Overall, I highly recommend that you give this generator a shot and see what happens. Sony may patch this up soon so it would be in your best interest to use it ASAP so that you can add funds before it gets patched.

The link can be found below:

Free PSN Codes


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