The Best Howrse Hack And Cheat Tool – Unlimited Equus And Passes For Free!

UPDATED May 14th 2017

Hey Guys! Today I want to share with you a brand new Howrse Hack that allows you to generate as many Equus and Passes you want almost instantly. This Howrse cheat is an online generator so there is no risk of virus because you are not downloading anything on your computer.

Below is a video tutorial on how to use it!

Free Howrse Hack

The Best Howrse Hack!

No surveys or offers required!

The instructions are pretty simple, the way this howrse cheat tool works is by using a backdoor loophole in Owlient’s servers. You no longer have a need for howrse promo codes with this tool. This loophole was discovered by a friend of mine on a public forum and he agreed to program upload it to the website for everyone to use. But you must be careful, as we don’t want this to get patched soon so there may be a small verification process (takes about 5 minutes) before the Equus and Passes are added through the howrse online generator.

Step 1: Watch the video above to understand exactly how the process works

Step 2: Click the link to access the howrse online generator. (raw url is

Step 3: Enter your howrse username

Step 4: Select which browser you are using

Step 5: Make sure “enable encryption antiban” is checked, this ensures that our script uses proxies and is untraceable

Step 6: Click Connect

Step 7: Once connected, select amount of Equus and Passes

Step 8: PROFIT!

Free Equus Generator

Screenshot of online howrse hack generator:

howrse online generator


Howrse History

According to wikipedia, it was first launched in 2005 by owlient and ubisoft. This game was truly the first of its kind because it allowed people who liked horses to finally have a game and more importantly, a community online.

Most games on the internet are violent or strategy, but none quite like howrse. Howrse is most popular in France and Germany. Howrse has more than a million active users and is constantly growing. In order to increase user retention, Ubisoft started give out free howrse promo codes to give their users free equus in order to keep them coming back to their website.

They have also been increasing their online security so that howrse cheats keep getting patched.

How to get free equus and passes on Howrse

This game is very addicting and requires that you have Equus and passes in order to actually enjoy playing the game. Every account gets 2,000 Equus free when they start, but in order to get passes on must either buy them or complete offers on their website.

Another way would be to use promotional codes for howrse.

The problem is most people don’t have money to spend on online games so I convinced my friend, who works at Ubisoft, to make a little Howrse Cheat online generator to make it easier for everyone else.

The best part is that this hack doesn’t require a download meaning that there is no risk of viruses getting on to your computer.

All the “hacking” is done from our server end using dedicated proxies to ensure that no one gets banned.

At first when I found this online tool to generate Equus and Passes, I was very skeptical at first. But I thought, what is there to lose? If it works, it works, if not then I haven’t lost anything except five minutes of my time. And with this I used it and it was AMAZING how it generated 10,000 Equus and passes for me within five minutes.

How to play Howrse

Now the game howrse is very different than other games. When I thing of games I think of graphics, movement, action and strategy.

But Howrse has none of those except strategy, and lots of it.

When I tried to play howrse for the first time, I was surprised by the lack of graphics and movement, it was a rather dull game. But, when I got to understand the game better and learned how to free passes on howrse, it became much easier for me to play.

The first step after creating your account would be to make as much Equus as possible.

This can be done by firstly, taking good care of your horse. The better you take care of your horse the more equus it will give you.

While taking care of your horse is a nice long term method, a good short term method would be to sell BM items on popular forums, and reddit.

Another method to making maximum amount of equus and passes would be to train and then sell foals. This is not the best method for everyone, and it may  carry some risk but the amount of money you can make is amazing!

When selling your horse, keep in mind that 1 pass is equivalent to about 8,000 to 10,000 Equus.

Feel free to use one of our howrse cheats above to get free unlimited equus and passes!

Howrse Ranks 

Ranking in howrse is a very important factor and also gives you bragging rights to your friends!

The main factor to ranking is Equus, the more equus you have the better your ranking will be. Apart from this popularity may have a small effect on ranking as well.

Keep in mind that you can use our free howrse hack online to increase your Equus and Passes

The biggest factor to howrse rankings are the amount of horses, number of competitions won, and the different skills that your horses possess.

One thing you need to keep in mind is that howrse rankings are increased slowly over time and not overnight. So you must be consistent in your efforts!

How To Train Your Horse

In order to train your howrse to win competitions and get equus and passes for free, you must do so in the correct manner.

The way I usually train my horse is by waking up, then grooming, then pasture, and lastly give the horse a lesson. howrse cheats

This works really well because it is natural and when horses first wake up, they are usually tired and grumpy. Grooming them lifts their mood up a little bit so that they are able to train better and retain more information.

Some other actions you can use to ensure that your horse is properly trained are meadow, stroke, drink, carrot, and turnip.




Please comment below if the howrse hack worked or if you have any questions!


  • Brian Muller (#)
    August 15th, 2016

    OMG! It didn’t work the first few times I tried, but the 3rd time, it worked like a charm! I know have 10000 Equus and Passes in my account. Thank you!


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